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Strategy & Website Planning

Your web presence is more than just your website. It needs to hold your brand high and inspire your audience while fulfilling your unique business needs. Our commitment is to take your business objectives as seriously as if they were our own. Through a formal process of early planning and discovery, we identify the smart foundational elements needed to support your business plan and produce real value. We’ll work closely with you to produce an innovative, multi-tiered web strategy specifically designed around each of your unique priorities.


User Experience Design (UX)

The complex fields of user experience design, information architecture, data realization, interaction design and other UX topics dominate and guide our design decisions every day.
We specialize in interface design that prioritizes usability above all else. We believe navigation can be both simple and robust. That content isn’t king unless you can find it easily. We’re constantly sensitized to new ways users navigate and discover content, and incorporate only those approaches that fundamentally improve UX. We employ a combination of traditional techniques such as paper prototyping and contemporary technique such as remote user testing to ensure your audience enjoys the most seamless, frictionless experience possible.


WordPress Development

WordPress is our go-to content management system (CMS) for most projects that require easy to use tools for daily site maintenance.
From small businesses with modest needs to some of the world’s biggest brands, WordPress has become the dominant platform for maintaining a sophisticated online presence. Why? Because it’s easy to use. Their vast plugin technology enables small and large sites alike to affordably add new features and quickly manage content. And with one of the largest developer communities constantly producing new and better technology, you’re guaranteed the benefits of an innovation network effect.


E-Commerce Solutions(UX)

There are more eCommerce options available today than ever before. It’s also easier and more affordable than ever to sell online.
While custom eCommerce development still applies to large eCommerce ventures, Shopify, Big Commerce and WooCommerce represent just three powerful third-party platforms for beginners and experts alike. And then there’s Magento. Owned by eBay, it’s perhaps the most flexible enterprise-level eCommerce platform for ambitious online retailing. Contact us to discuss your project and determine which eCommerce solution is most appropriate for your long and short term goals.


SEO & Social Media Marketing

While a high organic search engine rank is a wonderful thing, it may not always be a practical goal.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a touchy subject because you can invest a lot to get to page one in Google, only to see your efforts thwarted by the next algorithm release. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), generally known as Pay-Per-Click, can often be the most advantageous option because most people who click on ads are ready to be sold to. They’re at the buying stage. Meanwhile, Social Media Marketing (SMM) can reap amazing rewards for your brand, but it can often be a waste of time. That’s just the reality. Talk to us to determine which tools or combination of tools are right for your goals.


Responsive Design for Mobile

Whether your audience is on a smart phone, tablet or desktop, your presence must resonate and reliably communicate your offering.
According to Google, 70% of users will abandon your products or services if their mobile experience is less than wonderful. Responsive Web Design is the technical term for programing websites to adapt to the spectrum of mobile devices being released every day. With mobile traffic consuming all forms of content, Responsive has evolved into the industry standard for Mobile UX. We incorporate it into 99% of our creations.

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